Bambinos幼儿园获普利茅斯Woolwell地区 “2018年度最佳中型企业”奖

分类:新闻资讯  2018-11-26



London time, 9th Novermber2018, 7pm, the 5th Annual Business & Community Awards took placeat Woolwell Centre. Nearly 100 business representatives and individualsparticipated the event. Bambinos Nursery, belonging to Jiayi Education, won theBest Annual Medium Business Award. Bambinos Nursery's founder - Mrs.Alison wasshortlisted for Lifetime Achievement Award.

Woolwell中心是得到当地政府支持的公益组织,其使命是为当地企业、社区和个人提供各种活动和交流机会,在当地有非常高的威望。在本次Woolwell中心评审的该地区所有中小企业和个人中,有5家企业获得年度最佳中型企业提名,最终Bambinos幼儿园获得了2018年度最佳中型企业奖。活动现场Woolwell中心理事Charlie Huitson先生表达了对Bambinos幼儿园多年来为Woolwell当地民众作出贡献的感谢,并亲自颁发了这个奖项。Bambinos幼儿园高级经理Nicola James代表幼儿园上台领奖,她表示“Bambinos在过去的24年里,受到了Woolwell政府和民众的支持与鼓励,我们很高兴没有辜负大家对Babminos的期望。今天能够获此殊荣,我倍感自豪,这里要感谢Bambinos团队的每一个人的辛勤付出,也要感谢在坐各位和所有Woolwell人的支持与鼓励,Bambinos将再接再厉提供更好的幼儿教育服务。”

Woolwell Centre is agovernment-supported charity organization. It aims to organise activities andevents for local businesses, communities and individuals, and shares a veryhigh local prestige. Woolwell Centre has reviewed all the local small andmedium businesses and individuals and nominated five medium businesses.Bambinos finally won the Best Medium Business of 2018. The trustee of WoolwellCentre - Charlie Huitson expressed his gratitude to Bambinos Nursery for its contributionto local community in Woolwell over the years in his award-presentation speech.BambinosNursery's senior manager - Nicola James accepted the award on behalf ofBambinos Nursery. She expressed the gratitude of Bambinos: “in the last 24years, Bambinos was supported and encouraged by local government and people. Wehave the pleasure to live up to your expectations to Bambinos. I am proud ofwinning the award and thanks to everyone on the Bambinos team for their hardwork, and thanks to everyone at the table and all the Woolwell people for theirsupport and encouragement.Bambinos will continue working hard to provide bettereducation services for children.”



Mrs. Alison, founder ofBambinos Nursery, was nominated for Lifetime Achievement at the event. Sincethe founding of Bambinos Nursery in 1994, she has made outstandingcontributions to the local community and provided various welfare andassistance to the local people while working hard on Bambinos.


As the most influentialorganization in the Woolwell region, Woolwell Centre’s annual Business &Community Awards draws widespread attention, which is of great significance tothe reputation of Bambinos Nursery. We really hope that Bambinos will gohealthy and fast in the future and provide local children and parents withbetter children education.